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Isabel Chiara Collage

on Behance | Artistt on Tumblr

Spanish artist and illustrator Isabel Chiara creates impressive gif collages, some uncannily reminiscent of animations in the Monty Python vein. Chiara cites the great masters of painting as her influences, and that’s something you can easily identify in her gif collages.


This little fish showed no signs of hesitation as it swum up to divers and photobombed their picture. The 15cm thornback trunkfish took a liking to a diver’s camera and playfully interacted with them in the Red Sea, off Israel.

Picture: Ilan Ben Tov/Solent News (via Pictures of the day: 1 September 2014 - Telegraph)


People Playing With Clouds And Forced Perspective

Cloud watching’s O.K, but these days it’s cloud photography that’s all the rage. We collected these 18 photos of people creating clever and playful photos with clouds to show you just how fun and easy it can be.

In addition to a camera and suitable weather, you’ll need a vivid imagination. You’ll be engaged in pareidolia*, which is our psychological propensity towards giving some sort of meaning to random stimuli (usually images).

Pareidolia* : they are smiling, being angry or amazed. However, what some may call acuteness to detail is usually attributed to a psychological phenomenon, called pareidolia – that’s when a person perceives a random stimulus as something significant, for e.g., sees faces on clouds or buildings.

  1. credits: Delacorr
  2. redits: trynidada
  3. credits: Scrame
  4. credits: Marty Hogan
  5. Source: kimdohee
  6. source: Flea Yan
  7. credits: Horst Bernhart
  8. Source: scientology101
  9. credits: Kees Terberg
  10. credits: Keran Goldian

Via: boredpanda


Carl Sagan + Futurama stills (ft. my classy paint skills) 

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So the little thing he’s spitting out is a type of plankton that emits a light when it’s threatened by predators. So, the tetra ate it, and it felt threatened, so it emitted this light which the tetra didn’t like (aka didn’t want to be spotted by other predators at night) so it spat it out!

This was on the show Super Senses, which I talked about the other day because it is an excellent nature show!


- “Almost Alice” by robinpika -


Fantastical portraits bring trees to life by Elido Turco

on Flickr / 500px

Dream Creatures’

Have you ever walked through the woods and felt like someone was watching you? Italian photographer Elido Turco takes this concept to the next level with his images that turn tree bark into caricatures. Many of his fantastical images use simple concepts of mirror imaging to create elaborate beings that seem to come straight from J.R.R. Tolkien’s books or Jim Henson’s sketches. These silly, serious and often creepy trees each have their own personality — so let your imagination run wild as you tour Turco’s eccentric tree portraits.


The Milky Way | Lake Tekapo, New Zealand (by Fernandez Barrett)